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āDEM Breathwork

Who We Are

āDEM Breathwork represents the profound connection between breath, mind, body and spirit. We recognise that the act of breathing is not only essential for life but also a gateway to unlocking our inner potential, healing our trauma and elevating our consciousness. Our founder Emelie is a certified breathwork and meditation practitioner. She has led breathwork sessions and events for over 1100+ people since she started sharing her passion in 2022. At āDEM Breathwork we invite you to explore the full power of your breath as a tool to improve your wellbeing. We are focused on sharing breathwork and its benefits with our local and global community. Breathwork can help control and shift your emotions. By learning how to control your breathing you can take charge of any situation.

The Problem We Can Solve For You

Some of the benefits of breathwork are stress reduction, emotional regulation, self-awareness, enhanced immunity, clarity, focus, increased energy and vitality. We facilitate consciously connected, trauma-informed and transformational breathwork sessions as well as meditation and cold exposure therapy. Our offerings include 1:1 breathwork journeys, group sessions, facilitated events, CEO and Founder wellbeing support, and corporate wellbeing programmes. All our sessions are tailored to you and your group’s needs. For more information please reach out! We’re looking forward to going on this journey with you!

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