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Kia ora, hello! I am Danni Ermilova Williams, an experienced personal and professional Change Coach and Business Consultant. I specialise in working with individuals, entrepreneurs, leaders and organisations to shape and navigate big life and work changes, and to transition with power, clarity and success. When embarking on a significant change one constant rings true: change requires you to be willing, ready, and able. As an experienced change practitioner and coach, I am here to help you shape, own and action the change you want to feel, see and be. My career encompasses over 17 years of experience in human resources and business consultancy. During this time I have established a passion and expertise in working with individuals, leaders and their organisations to design, create and take action on change.

The Problem We Can Solve For You

Change is a red thread weaving itself throughout our personal and professional lives, whether it is transitioning into work for the first time, navigating big life and work changes, starting our own businesses or leading others through change. Change is simply an opportunity at a point in time to design the future you desire for yourself, your business or your team. Reach out to me about: – Personal and professional coaching Moments of big change are both a challenge and a gift. Whether it’s the end of your dream job, career burnout, miscarriage or stillbirth, a relationship ending or a redefining event that upends everything… We are offered a brief moment in time where we get to choose what comes next. Coaching is a powerful tool that creates focus, accelerates progress and reinvigorates your sense of purpose and motivation to take action on the things that matter most to you. As a trained professional and personal coach, I am here to create space and empower you to navigate and transition through your change with power, clarity, and success. I work with you to get clear about what matters most to you, what’s holding you back, and to identify actionable strategies to propel you towards achieving your goals and living a life aligned with your purpose. – Support and advice when hiring your first employee Hiring your first employee brings about two important changes. Firstly, the functional changes needed to hire, grow, and retain new employees. Secondly, the changes we personally make as we transition from leading ourselves to leading others. It’s important to prepare well for both to lay a solid foundation for success. Taking on a new employee can be daunting. Where do you start? What are the must-haves versus the nice-to-haves? As a savvy entrepreneur, you’ve taught yourself a lot about business… However, when time is scarce or energy is better invested elsewhere, it’s helpful to have a ‘knowledgeable someone’ to call on for trusted advice, as and when you need it. As you move from being the chief juggler of all balls, you will also need to work through a careful rebalancing act, sharing knowledge, relinquishing control, and delegating effectively. Leadership is the art of inspiring, motivating, and empowering others. With a 17 year successful career in human resources, business consulting and as an entrepreneur myself, I am here to help you work through the things you need to do, and to support you on your leadership journey to be the leader you want (and need) to be. – Leading your business and team through organisational change Successful organisational change is designed, described, and inspired. There is truth in Benjamin Franklin’s saying that failing to prepare equates to preparing to fail. Leading others through change can be difficult on multiple levels. It can be challenging to ensure the right changes are made, that these changes will lead to the desired outcomes, and that the approach to change is appropriate. It’s essential to take time upfront to assess, plan and prepare your change opportunities, risks and the outcomes you want to achieve. Throughout my career I have built extensive technical expertise in organisational design and change, and employment relations, as well as being a speaker and advisor on future of work, workforces and workplaces. I can help you navigate the hairy bits, and set yourself up for smart change, done well. Sometimes things don’t fit in nice boxes… If you have an HR/ people or change related challenge and you would like to chat about whether I can help you, please reach out. If I can’t I can probably help you find just the person you are after…

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I am a strong advocate for women succeeding in life, business and all that they set their sights on. It is important that we each create the change we want to be and to see – for ourselves and other wāhine toa that come after us. I am offering a 10% discount for all women seeking any of my coaching or consultancy services through She Is Unleashed (code: SHEISDEWAWIN).


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