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EBFA is a small, boutique Financial Advice company specialising in Life, Health and Income Insurances. I am currently the sole Advisor and I’m committed to providing you with an experience that is entirely client driven and at your pace, in a relatable way. I’ve worked hard to ensure my clients receive outstanding service with an approach that makes the application process as fast and easy as I possibly can.

The Problem We Can Solve For You

Having been in the Financial Services industry for over 14 years, I’ve dealt with my fair share of business men and women. Now, as an Advisor myself I know my client’s will benefit far more from an Advisor who is openly giving an educated, relatable approach to your Risk Insurances that is entirely at your pace. I have had some pretty challenging periods in my life, including being a single mother for some time, while also gaining a large amount of weight then subsequently losing 50kg+. These have shaped me to be the Advisor I am, and have put me in a great position to understand families and individuals in all different aspects of their lives. I pride myself in being someone who has experienced difficult times and have the ability to place myself in your position and understand.

Our Special Offer for you!

I offer a 10% discount on Travel Insurance for SIU members


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