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Who We Are

Hello! I’m Amy, a certified digital marketer who creates visually appealing content for brands to increase interest, engagement and conversions online. With a Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Marketing and a Diploma in both Web and Graphic Design, I am a dedicated professional, committed to delivering exceptional results in the Social and Paid Ad and content marketing space. My business Happy Hank Media was built from a genuine love for combining digital marketing strategy and design, bringing brands to life through attention-grabbing graphics, dynamic campaigns, and effective social advertising. In today’s digital landscape, visuals are key, and I ensure your visual assets make a lasting impression and drive measurable results. I’ve achieved successful campaigns with click-through rates as low as $0.29. In my most recent organic social media project, I increased client engagement by 65%, impressions by 675%, post interactions by 200%, and an organic website click-through rate by 1200%. With a focus on excellence and tangible outcomes, I’m here to help your business thrive.

The Problem We Can Solve For You

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, I bring a solution-oriented approach to the table. Whether you’re… 》looking to offload 》Grappling with identifying and addressing digital challenges 》Seeking continuous improvement or, 》In need of an expert who can transform ideas into action, I’ve got you covered. My innate ability to connect seemingly disparate ideas and my relentless drive to make things happen set me apart. I’m not a talker, I’m a doer. A strong work ethic, knack for problem-solving, and a commitment to productivity, ensures I help you get results, conquer your digital marketing obstacles and achieve tangible success for your brand.

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