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With over 30 years’ worth of experience in electronic filing systems and organizing digital assets, if this is a struggle for you, I can help. Using the experience I have gained across many industries, I will show you how to organize not only your Instagram content using my step-by-step system, so that you know exactly where everything is, but any electronic files that need organizing. I will work with you to come up with a system which is unique to your requirements, teach you how to implement it and give you guidelines on how to maintain it to keep you organized.

The Problem We Can Solve For You

If you’ve lost your mojo with regard to posting on social media (specifically Instagram because it’s a little different to the others) because it feels like a painful chore, I can help put the fun back into your creativity and get you back into the habit of easily posting regularly without the stress that can go with that. In addition, if you use Canva to create your social media designs and posts and you struggle to find things in the mire of what that can turn into, I can teach you how to get out of and stay out of trouble with that too!!

Our Special Offer for you!

If you sign up to my newsletter you will get a 15% discount off your first purchase so take advantage of that. Also, if you are after a bit of advice on how to start getting organized, you can either book a free coffee chat or you can watch my free online training which will only take you 20 minutes but could save you hours!


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