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Hey! I’m Laura, a product photographer and styling specialist. I provide creative, attention grabbing imagery and short form video content that helps to stop that scroll and sell your products! I have worked with a range of business throughout New Zealand, along with businesses in Australia and the USA. I am an expert in working with beauty, skincare and lifestyle brands, although not limited to those categories. I work closely with my clients to truely understand their brand and products, and how I can best showcase their unqiue selling points and overall vibe and messaging. My ultimate passion has always been photography. Pair that passion with the absolute joy I get from helping businesses level up, and you’ve got a recipe for ultimate success!

The Problem We Can Solve For You

I don’t just take pretty photos, I listen to your content struggles and create a solution to them. It’s important to me that my services not only give you beautiful content but make a postive impact on your business. I strive to help showcase the true value and quality of not only your product but your business. Providing businesses with high quality, unique to your brand photography which shines a light in all the right places. Building professionalism, trust and understanding in your customers. Each photo or video I produce is carefully thought out with the goal of telling a story and portraying a certain feeling or meaning. Every element used when styling must relate to the brand in some way, and each angle or scene is created to evoke emotion in the viewer.

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